Senior voices being heard

Should the UK remain in or leave the European Union?

Tony Homewood, Bill Green and Michael Mumford

Blackpool Gold Action Group invited residents to a debate 

on whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union.   

The event was held on June 13 at The Ruskin Hotel,

 The group invited Blackpool residents to question a panel of guest speakers representing both sides of the debate.

Michael Mumford, who represented the ‘In’ campaign –is chairman of the Liberal Democrats in Lancaster and heads the ‘Forward in Europe’ campaign and the North Lancashire and Cumbrian branch of the European Movement.

Tony Homewood, for the “Out” campaign – is a lawyer, musician and writer who has been involved in political campaigning for years. He has written and campaigned against EU membership for many years and plays guitar in a heavy metal band called Padded Cell.

The members were given the opportunity to ask questions to both the speakers.

 Michael Mumford, Bill Green, Jackie Forsythe and Tony Homewood





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